Register as a user or act as a guest?

You can register as a customer at Yawama of Sweden when you order or if you want to shop as a guest. If you choose to register a user, you can see your registered information, your order history, and if your last order has been sent from our warehouse. If you choose not to create a user, you will fill in your information directly at the checkout instead and therefore you will not be included in our customer register.
By registering as a customer with us, you consent to the mailing of newsletters. This can be completed whenever you wish by a simple click.

Storage of personal data

When registering as a customer at Yawama of Sweden, you can be sure that your information is secure. We save your information solely to provide you with fast and efficient delivery, and so that you as a customer can smoothly carry out your next order with us.
We also use your saved information to send out special offers and newsletters. The data we save is:
First and last name
Personal identification number / Organization number if stated on order
Full adress
Phone number
E-mail Address

All personal data you provide is processed under the Data Protection Order GDPR